Gaming | Community
Do you want to form your nation, fight in massive wars, and conquer the world with special weapons, quests and abilities? Join Deltarift today, and experience not just a server, but a game.
Role-Playing | Entertainment
Welcome to Camp Half-Blood, home of the demigods. You will interact with NPCs, meet friends, train, and go on quests. LGBTQ Friendly! ❦ Role-play based server. ❦ Big Three Characters. ❦ Quests. ❦
Role-Playing | Writing
A post apocalyptic science fiction military roleplay that is set in a distant future where Earth is nothing butna desolate wasteland after a destructice war against the Harvesters. Humanity now lives in gigantic walled cities and attempts to reconquer the lands beyond, to rebuild mankind and return to its former glory. WHAT TO EXPECT? • A custom lore without any ties to existing franchises/series. It's an original world with new lore. This allows users to discover new information within the server itself and through various lore entries scattered in multiple channels. Don't worry, we have the basics for newcomers. • A persistent, ever-changing world. This is a world that keeps on expanding, changing and new bits of lore shall be revealed either through roleplaying or participating in missions as well as being aware of what is posted in the New World News 'broadcast' that will notify players of the current changes to the world.
Gaming | Entertainment
A minecraft quest based server where you gain ranks and power through completing the questline! You can also enjoy the survival aspect of creating a factions base and using the list of mods we provide to try and make your faction rule the server!
Role-Playing | Community
A fantasy rp server that is looking to grow and create many fun stories for our members ^^! We are still looking for members and staff :D!
Role-Playing | Writing
Our core premise is surrounded by our Guild Hall, Original Lore and RP events. We are a newly established server who’s goal is to provide a safe place to RP, build friendships, and write!
Anime | Social
Welcome to Dragon Ball Tekume! Here in our server, we have features that can help your experience be more immersive and enjoyable: •Our own custom bot that has features that emulate concepts from Dragon Ball Z like Power Levels, Training, Story Mode, Side Quests, Transformations, Sparing and more! •We have ranks and up to 12 universes with each having their own God of Destruction, with their each respective Angels, along with The Grand Priest and Zeno! If you're not the type to be completely Dragon Ball focused, we also have bots and channels for you! We have bots like pokecord, waifubot and more! (If the server grows enough, we can add and impliment more things to make your experience here more immersive and generally better!) Enjoy your stay in our server!
Gaming | Community
Quantum MC, was found is 2014 by a collection of advanced developers and designer dedicating to proudly offer you a advanced quality server to play on and have fun. Here at Quantum Network we are based on a "OP Factions" server and we want our members to have fun and to be able to come back whenever
Art | Community
A slowly growing community focused around original character creation, worldbuilding, improvement with art, and fun, interactive adventures!
Role-Playing | Community
Order of Magic is a large roleplay with an evergrowing world, a vast but fast to learn and still mostly freeform progression system - including various classes and magic - great characters and players, and the potential to grow even bigger! The setting has a lot of fantasy with a diverse world where some countries are in an industrial age, others are in the renaissance or even still medieval. Each continent is different and has a high number of countries - and there is still a lot to explore, be it as part of faction or free spirit. Anyone can join storylines and make an impact and you do not have to grow uber-powerful to change something. Feel free to RP at your own pace!