Role-Playing | Community
A fantasy roleplay server, created for the intent of character development/character interactions.
Role-Playing | Entertainment
This server is mostly focused on fantasy roleplay, that being fighting dragons in the middle of a forbidden forest, to being royalty within an empire. we have: -Tupperbox -Easy OC submissions -And much more
Writing | Role-Playing
BloomSword Ultimate is an original fantasy roleplay server that takes inspiration from many different fantasy worlds to create an open and varied setting. If you are looking for a fantasy environment that will let you create your ideal character, take part in fun events, and truly immerse yourself in the world then look no further. DiscordMe description sizes are small so please join to read our lore <3 (Our server is strictly 18+)
Role-Playing | Social
Edena: A place where who you know--and who you are oathsworn to--matters more than anything. Three main families populate the city, though there are smaller clans rising in importance. Every overarching 'family' consists of clutches, groups no greater than five that are typically forcibly paired together by the families in order to combine useful abilities...or pair off those they deem powerless. 20+ server for mentions of violence, etc!
Role-Playing | Entertainment
A fantasy rp server focused more on adventure and fun, then fighting over who's the main character.
Role-Playing | Anime
Annabelle's School For Gifted Magicians is a roleplay server that details the lives of young students attending a school that teaches magic, witchcraft, and everything in between! ☼ | What We Offer Here at Our School | ☼ ☼ Self-assign roles! ☼ Plenty of roleplay channels! ☼ Tons of immersive lore! ☼ Nintendo-based RP! ☼ A student council! ☼ An honor society! ☼ Student-formed clubs! ☼ Voice chat! ☼ Tons of server-wide roleplay events! ☼ | Why don't you consider joining? Queen Annabelle awaits your entry, future student! | ☼
Role-Playing | Community
RP Server, Costume made with unique lore. Pretty dope ngl.
Role-Playing | Writing
A fantasy RP that is entirely text-based and on Discord. Join the server for a great deal more information on the RP's setting and many other details.
Role-Playing | Role-Playing
𝓦𝓮𝓵𝓬𝓸𝓶𝓮 𝓽𝓸 𝓤𝓬𝓵𝓸𝓷 Thousands of years ago, far before our time here on Earth, universe was full of magic. On the planet Rorus, the land is full of life and wonder. The inhabitants of this planet have found a way to live alongside magic. The nation of Uclon was the first to figure out how humans could do magic. Ever since then, the nation has been spilt into multiple villages and a single kingdom. Kreotia, home to Yaven and Vurian. Proficient in all the elements. Yaven, home to the powerful and quiet. Proficient in the study of Plant Magic. Vurian, home to the intelligent and friendly. Proficient in all kinds of magic, but especially Light Magic. Fensworth, home to the cold and brave. Proficient in combat. Lewes, home to the hard-working and sea-loving. Proficient in Water Magic. Mansfield, home to the secluded and courageous. Proficient in Wind Magic and Flight. However, this peaceful nation is becoming violent...war is coming....