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Hola! Esta es una creciente comunidad de habla hispana dedicada al gaming, especialmente en juegos como Hearts of Iron, Cs: Go, League of Legends, pero también un lugar para hablar de lo que sea.
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The American Union State is a mix between RolePlay and general Shitposting. The server moderation is a government with Senators and ministers running it. There are political parties and a military to accompany it. Our community is great for you if you like: Shitposting, politics, third position memes, and HOI4 Don't be a syndicalist, and join today!
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Hearts of Iron IV ┃ HOI4 ┃WW2 ┃ International ┃ UK ┃ US ┃ Europe ┃ Russia ┃ Poland ┃ Germany ┃ South Korea ┃ Casual Games ┃ Scheduled Games ┃ Competitive Games ┃ Lead Developers ┃ Streamers ┃ Many Modification ┃ Road to 56 ┃ Tommy Kay ┃ Horstorical ┃ Vanilla ┃ Historical ┃ Non-historical
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Hello And Welcome To Nuclear We Are Still A Little Work In Progress But Our Games Consist Of Among Us, Minecraft, And Others We Also May Do Small Giveaways From Time To Time
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Noob friendly Hoi4 server for people who want to talk about Hoi4 or to find people to play with. Anyone can start a game on this server there are no limits there.