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Easy to use bot with supervision commands and comprehensive server protection, and many other commands
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SECURITY TEAM Ever think that you are not secure and your data/info and everything else is not safe well We have a discord where we will be showing you how to Protect Your data Accounts Emails Ip address And everything you can think off We offer and show you Best Vpns Best Password Managers Best Programs to help pc How to fix Getting tracked and getting your data stolen/used and sold. Secure Email Managers Secure Browsers Secure Mobile MSG Applications Popular Browser Secure Addons Protection Against DDos/Dox Database leaks to see if you have been doxxed. 24/7 Support for help and info. Ways to check if your data has been leaked and ways to fix it. Join the Security Today <<<
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We are the IDC. An active community, with a variety of free services. We are a protection/AntiRaid server that is willing to assist you with basically anything. Services: • Bot Creation (soon) • GFX • Therapy • Growth Advice • Server Security Check/Setup • Server Building We also have a large variety of different divisions! So if you’re looking for an active server, that is always helping out, feel free to click the obvious button