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Social | Gaming
A voice chat focused, 18+ but SFW, curated, quality experience. We're here to meet cool, mature people, and have great conversations.
Tranquility (18+) Discord Server Banner
Tranquility (18+) Discord Server Banner
Tranquility (18+) Icon
Social | Gaming
A voice chat focused, 18+ but SFW, curated, quality experience. We're here to meet cool, mature people, and have great conversations.
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Community | Gaming
We're thrilled to invite you to the Ezzstar Discord server! Our server is a lively community where you can participate in fun conversations, connect with like-minded individuals, and take part in various activities. 🔥What We offer and so much more 🔥 😊 |Chillin’ Server, meet new friends 🔥 | NFTs 🪙 | SPICA token 🌐 | Metaverse Development 💨 | 420 friendly 🌐 | We talk about everything 🎮 | Video game discussion 👻 | Anime discussion, Cosplay, 😂 | Memes 🤖 | Mid-Journey Bot 🎵 | Music VC'S & TXT CHANNELS 🎬 | Movie nights 😅 | Active server 🔊 | Active VC’s 🕹️ | Video game tournaments ♥️ And much more....! ♥️ So what are you waiting for? Come and join us today!
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Community | Social
Second Life (セカンドライフ) の日本語ユーザー向け非公式Discordです。?テキストチャンネルのみ Japanese/English welcome. SecondLife is a Metaverse on PC
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Gaming | eSports
“Your Place for Virtual Worlds and Social Gaming” The next generation of media is here! There are endless possibilities for content, wealth creation, entertainment, and community building in virtual worlds, and we’re here for all of it. Whether you’ve been a gamer for years, or you’re new to the space, you’re welcome here. Everyrealm is creating spaces for communities of virtual world explorers, gamers, and builders — an ecosystem for everyone who spends time online. Everyrealm is also behind popular community-driven projects such as Fantasy Islands and Atari GFT’s as well as several upcoming social projects. So welcome, and live your dream life, virtually!
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Technology | Community
Our 'THE GOAL' is to accelerate the innovation ecosystem through partnerships and shape the future of Metaverse, Metaverse-enabled business opportunities, and Metaverse-enabled job opportunities for everyone.
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Crypto | Art
join our amazing community and get involved -
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Business | Entertainment
PandaMR is the ultimate destination for businesses, educators, artists, and entertainment enthusiasts 🚀 With optimized solutions, it's a metaverse designed specifically for the needs of companies, schools, artists, and anyone looking for an immersive 3D experience. Explore endless possibilities in a virtual world that's tailored to your needs, whether you're here to learn, create, or just have fun. Discover what PandaMR has to offer and join our amazing community today ✨
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Financial | Crypto
World's renowned NFT art collectible designer& producer &Metaveverse games and applications innovator,
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Crypto | Investing | Meme
Second Earth (SE) is a great metaverse and a virtual space parallel to the real world, integrating various fields of expertise, including smart blockchain, VR, AR, AI, cloud service, game and e-commerce. It's a place where you can settle downand earn.
Ethreon By KrystalKLear Icon
Art | Crypto
Long before space and time as we know it there was a highly advanced society that thrived on the planet Ethreon. Join us as we take you on an immersive experience leading into a new universe, filled with endless possibilities.
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Crypto | eSports | Gaming
TIER99 was born to lead the evolution of the metaverse in the world of Gaming, being a video game developer and a companies launcher with a professional NFT video games catalog.
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Crypto | Investing
Realbox (REB) is a blockchain-driven real estate platform that makes real estate investments more accessible, reliable and flexible to everyone.
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Community | Technology
The Legendary Community is a community that brings together people, players and developers. It is a place for everyone to express their opinion, share ideas and network, in addition to all that, you can play games in our metaverse and games, such as Minecraft, GTA 5, Counter-Strike, Roblox, among others. We have several users who develop and create new things to improve the experience within the community and games. We emerged in 2016 with a simple proposal for a communication center for great people. We are waiting for you here. || Estamos aguardando por você aqui. Made in Brazil to World.
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Community | Entertainment | Social
Need a new hangout server? Just looking to make new friends? Come join us! | Active Chat & VC | Levelling bot | Friendly staff | Nitro Giveaways
Artzler's Lounge Discord Server Banner
Artzler's Lounge Icon
Community | Entertainment | Social
Need a new hangout server? Just looking to make new friends? Come join us! | Active Chat & VC | Levelling bot | Friendly staff | Nitro Giveaways
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Technology | Education
Sunken Blimp is a think tank for up-and-coming architects, designers, entrepreneurs and engineers that intent to build the future of living. We host weekly lectures called Dive Lives in topics like architecture, 3d printing, 3d modelling and artificial intelligence, among others. These event are held in a Virtual Stage hosted in Join if you are a creator that wants to join other curious people to learn and build using cutting-edge technology and tools.
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Gaming | Role-Playing
Citizens of the Metaverse is the official Discord channel of The Neon Echoes NFT Metaverse / MMORPG.. Founded by the Twitch streamer Kr0m3ous (who is a Sentient AI from the Metaverse who arrived here IRL to build a following for rebuilding the Metaverse).
IMERS.Land Icon
Recapture the feeling of spontaneity trading on the floor and at the desk through instant communication in an immersive environment.
Spriteley Icon
Technology | Art
Welcome to the Official Spriteley Discord! We're building social platforms for deep connection ? Let's build our world together. We offer: -NFT giveaways -Beta testing opportunities -Artist self-promotion -Safe space & community
MudDao Icon
Crypto | Gaming | Financial
Become a Member of MUD GANG! Welcome to MUD Gang! In MUD we trust! MUD Gang is a community created by MUDA DAO Fight players and MUD DAO Token enthusiasts. Our game, MUD DAO Fight, makes our players win... Twice! Check out the website and join our discord channel to see how!
CL9 Solution Icon
Technology | Crypto
CL9 is a metaverse-based cross-disciplinary Web3 service provider that focuses on technology innovation of e-entertainment, e-commerce, and DeFi with online-offline events & platforms for community interaction.
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Community | Gaming
Making VRChat events accessible for everyone. Add your own events or get an overview of upcoming events!
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Crypto | Art
??????? ?? ?????????: 3333 unique yachts NFT lost into the blockchain. Built to be as a top notch NFT project directly related to utility, metaverse and the vision of a better artistic world developed from @asapnft.eth and @moneyversed.eth Everyone will be able to discover below there the most common and important questions in order to start their personal Yacht Adventure into our unique world. ???? ?? ?????????? Yachtland shares the first vision of its own kind. Our biggest target is to give life an NFT project where the Art since her Genesis, the Metaverse and utility are fragments that fills one another. YL Owners will be able to claim up several benefits both physicals and digitals side since the start of their personal journey. Owning a Yachtland NFT gives you the opportunity to become exclusively part of the Yachtland community, their right access to the Yachtverse, adopters-only various advantages and several daily trips.
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Community | Technology
Keen Circle is an NFT-powered collaborative community & educational platform for entrepreneurs, marketers, and innovators to learn and build upon web 3 opportunities.
MetaHi Icon
Design | Crypto
MetaHi - 3D Marketplace for the Metaverse The platform brings fair value back to the 3D creators and provides a tool that will help the industry and community grow. Create your own 3D models, sell or explore them in the digital universe. All 3D models are stored securely on the blockchain. MetaHi opens a new market to 3D creators. By partnering up with different metaverses. By utilizing blockchain technology, which can reduce costs by storing 3D objects on decentralized storage, and by utilizing cloud computing which will allow up to 15% creator earnings of the 3D asset. MetaHi users will be able to: ?Trade 3D graphics. ?Earn rewards from royalties by creating 3D assets ( From every 3D model sale, 95% goes to the creator, and 5% goes to MetaHi.) ?Secure 3D object rendering in the website ?Request custom 3D assets from the 3D artists. ?Integrate their items with different metaverses
PixPal Icon
Crypto | Art
PixPal is a once in lifetime project that intermingles the best of today’s blockchain and crypto technologies with a unique NFT profit-sharing community. A revolutionary ecosystem that is available both in the digital ether as well as in the real-world. A metaverse experience, and investment opportunity that transitions - seamlessly - into a brick-and-mortar gallery. Never again sacrifice one experience for the other.
UK C-NFT Agency Icon
Crypto | Technology
C-NFT Agency - We are passionate about non-Fungible tokens on the Cardano Blockchain. #NFT #CNFT #Cardano #Metaverse
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Furry | Community
Are you looking for a unique furry server like no other? Well, you've come to the right place then, because Paradox Paws isn't like any other average furry server you've been in before. Click for more info!
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Furry | Community
Are you looking for a unique furry server like no other? Well, you've come to the right place then, because Paradox Paws isn't like any other average furry server you've been in before. Click for more info!
Crypto | Art
Somos uma comunidade focada em divulgar novas NFTS. estamos aqui para crescer e ajudar as pessoas a crescer tambem. temos vários NFTs gratis esperando voce.
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Community | Crypto
10,000 unique Moonmons living on Solana blockchain. Moonmons can claim 'Magic Items', Exclusive Prizes and much more on
Grimescord Icon
Community | Music
the official, biggest /r/grimes discord for discussion of the multitalented canadian artist Grimes ! we're a friendly bunch so feel free to join even if you don't know Grimes and are just looking for a friendly environment ♡
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Business | Technology
At Just Metaverse, we understand that change is not always easy. At the turn of 2022, we begin our mission in helping companies of all sizes respond to industry transitions to Web 3.0 in order to stay competitive. Our edge of experience in the metaverse will help our customers keep abreast in developments and we envisage to make your business success our priority.
Labyrinthine Unreal Icon
Gaming | Art | Crypto
Labyrinthine Unreal is a NFT game of mystery and exploration, a virtual maze that spans multiple media, metaverses, and even real geographical locations. It aims to create a uniquely immersive experience, synthesizing the worlds of Alternate Reality Games, NFT art and VR gaming. It is also the creator of @TaurosDAO a community of 1/1 artists and collectors.
dapps investor Icon
Crypto | Financial
join us for all new dapps launching and web3 information. you also join us about information of new yield farming dapps and defi projects.
Indie's Guild Icon
Crypto | Community
NFT Collection & Virtual Lands | Indigenous Lifestyle | Building SpiritCity for 11,111 Indies | Eternalising kɐɽmɐ & cult Onchain since’16 |
Vast Agency NFT Icon
Crypto | Art
Premier Non-Fungible Token (NFT) Agency for Top Brands and Artist. We brand, launch, and market all types of NFT projects worldwide !
Scenario - Play with Reality Icon
Gaming | Entertainment
Ever wanted to play with reality? ? This is what we're doing at Scenario ( Scenario is a mobile application that enables you to scan, edit and animate anything that surrounds in 3D. Join our Discord server and become part of the community as a Beta user! You'll be able to co-build with the team and be one of the pioneers of 3D user generated content. Discord link - See you there ?
NFT2Metaverse Icon
Design | Investing
NFT2Metaverse (N2M) will be a Marketplace where designers can easily sell their digital products for the Metaverse. This will be done in various metaverses and to users worldwide. As a seller you can offer your self-designed digital items on the platform.
4D Voxel Art Icon
Art | Crypto
CHECK OUT 4D VOXELART If you’re looking for new NFT projects, definitely check this one out ! 4DvoxelArt holder gets access to the “4DvoxelArt Club” and all its benefits, including governance and voting rights over future projects and art space. The 4DvoxelArt project will launch with 99 hand-drawn and art-loving structures. Each structure will be minted based on rarity levels which give 999 individuals the opportunity to own one. FOR MORE INFORMATION JOIN SERVER!!!!!
Onteco, Futuverse™ on Mars Icon
Community | Crypto
Onteco is the first participate-to-earn simulation of a future civilization on Mars on Polygon Network.. Our multidisciplinary team includes globally acclaimed leaders in space architecture, arts, deep tech, science, blockchain, and the space industry, including NASA members. Be part of a community of artists, gamers, investors, and scientists; lay the foundations for a new kind of humanity; an interplanetary challenge is waiting for you.
Asian Discord: Noraebang Icon
Community | Social | Gaming
?ASIAN ? KPOP ? GIVEAWAYS? International Asian Community Discord Server. Must be 18 and over. Come join! Everyone is welcomed!
Asian Discord: Noraebang Discord Server Banner
Asian Discord: Noraebang Icon
Community | Social | Gaming
?ASIAN ? KPOP ? GIVEAWAYS? International Asian Community Discord Server. Must be 18 and over. Come join! Everyone is welcomed!
Animal Concerts Official Icon
Crypto | Music
Animal Concerts is building the Next Generation of Live Events in the Metaverse. We are revolutionizing the music industry for fans and artists worldwide: delivering unique, physical concerts with A-list artists, collaborating on NFT drops, live streaming in the Metaverse, and tokenizing that entire experience! Join us now:
Bautista Club Icon
Crypto | Business
BAUTISTA CLUB SERVER☕? Be part of the most coffee NFT community of all ☕ We have 10,000 NFT in our collection.? in addition to having the possibility of acquiring our own exclusive NFT and obtaining multiple rewards ? ? Giveaways ? Concourse ? Events ? Games ? News ? Economy And more!
Entertainment | Crypto | Art
Become a citizen of METROPIUS, a thriving dieselpunk city. Comic, animation, board game, nfts and much more!
Cryptera Icon
Crypto | Education
So, what is Cryptera all about? Cryptera is the last place for everything that is there in the crypto space; from investing in your first cryptocurrency to getting in-depth about the blockchain, DeFi, NFTs, Metaverse, Web3, and whatnot. We have got you covered! Getting started with crypto can be overwhelming at first, but with a great community of like-minded people, the learning process gets easier and with that motive, Cryptera had its inception. Watch out for the market sentiments to know when your coins are going to the moon. Fundamentals? Technicals? Why not both! We are here, as a community to dissect each aspect of crypto. Join our community to kickstart your journey with crypto, see you on the server!
Sabre City Icon
Crypto | Community
Join the City with Royalties! A Solana NFT project in early stages, contribution of early members will be noticed. First 50 members get the OG role as well as a high chance of being in whitelists nd giveaways! Sabre City awaits you....
DolphinArc Icon
Design | Art
DolphinArc is providing a solution to the booming need for virtual architecture in the Metaverse. We are dropping our genesis 5000 MIND BLOWING virtual house NFTs. House adds value to your virtual land. We have not been able to actualize our full imagination in real world, thus we are empowering this emerging movement in the Metaverse. Join our server, being an early Dolphin and stay tuned for the “BAYC of virtual house” to the moon!
Music Mania Icon
Gaming | Crypto
Music Mania is a fast paced, short session style card game situated in a Manhattan metaverse. This was built using WarDucks’ industry leading, real-world data mapping platform. Players in the game are music talent agents whose goal is to sign artists, form a band and battle other bands at concert venues where the crowd decides the winner. This, however, is not the only way that a player can be involved in the game. The landscape of the game, being the city blocks and their buildings, along with the Music Artist game cards, in the form of NFTs, can be purchased by players. Thus, transforming the player into a digital asset owning, metaverse gaming entrepreneur.
Social Parlay Icon
Sports | Community
Social Parlay is a blockchain-based social fantasy golf game on iOS and Android. Play real or online interactive golf games with your friends and other members. Discuss the latest news and challenge your friends on real-world golf games, predict the outcomes, view interactive data, and win prizes by putting your SP tokens on the line. The app has been in development since Q2 2021.
MetaSkeletor Icon
Crypto | Community
MetaSkeletor are a 3D digital collection of #1111 unique skeletons generated non-randomly although some models may share accessories. The 3D model will be prepared and animated for use in different metaverses. After completion of the 3D model collection, 5555 accessories will be created for purchase and use in the metaverse. MetaSkeletor is looking to create a large community that likes and supports the project to get us where we want to be. This is just the beginning of what we want to create, our goal is still far away, but not as far as it seems. Besides creating models and accessories for our collection, we are also working on something that will be very well received. This news will come at the end of this year or early 2023.
Crypto | Community
There are two types of people, those who love cars and those who consider them a waste of money. But our cars are NFTs, so you can join the community of people involved in the world of machines or NFT. Join us, and discover the first all-digital automotive brand ? Giveaway now.? Icon
Entertainment | Art community is a place for anyone to create, inspire, share, and be rewarded for ideas! We strive to build a strong and supportive environment where you can find new pals for your gaming experience, boast of new NFT and get feedback on your work. Your content matters to the family and everyone who enters this community. Join if you are a blogger, NFT artist, music&video creator, a DAO community member or just the one who is interested in discovering new opportunities with the Web 3.0 platform? is more than social media app! It rewards each and every user for activity! Either you're watching content by others or sharing your own – you are guaranteed to get LITIT – social token reward.
MetaGamingFoxClubNFT Icon
Crypto | Gaming
MGFC is a play-to-earn blockchain based NFT gaming universe that focuses on collaborative and competitive gameplay to reward it's community and players. All members of the server have many opportunities for win free whitelist spots, nft giveaways and of course will all be a part of the beta game when it launches. Feel free to discuss anything about MGFC in this channel along with NFTs and Meta Gaming!
BLUFF 🍒🌴 Icon
Social | Gaming
🍒🌴 ⸝⸝ it's a vibe ᶠᵉᵃᵗᵘʳᵉˢ ♤ custom roles ♡ fun variety of bots + custom bots ♢ unique emotes/stickers ♧ minimal design ♤ gaming hub ♡ custom economy, levels & boost perks
BLUFF 🍒🌴 Discord Server Banner
BLUFF 🍒🌴 Icon
Social | Gaming
🍒🌴 ⸝⸝ it's a vibe ᶠᵉᵃᵗᵘʳᵉˢ ♤ custom roles ♡ fun variety of bots + custom bots ♢ unique emotes/stickers ♧ minimal design ♤ gaming hub ♡ custom economy, levels & boost perks
Space Sapper NFT HQ Icon
Crypto | Gaming
Next-Gen NFT & Metaverse project allowing you to stake & level-up your digital collectibles. The Space Sappers project aims to bring together art, storytelling and code.
Akiva.NFT Icon
Education | Technology
The AKIVA Metaverse is now offering an exclusive opportunity to join the global community and support the neurodivergent individuals worldwide!!! Approximately 1 in 44 children in the United States are diagnosed with the Autistic Spectrum Disorder. The other conditions, such as ADHD, ADD, Dyslexia, and Turrets together with Autism, make up around 15% of the worldwide population or over 1.1 billion people.AKIVA’s mission is to ensure that every neurodivergent individual has safe and affordable access to a fun and immersive ecosystem that will enable them to self-explore, learn, and thrive in life! The project offers the ownership of one or several of the 12 unique NFT avatar collections. The actual avatars that live and interact in our very own AKIVA Metaverse. To achieve the Social Mandate, we pledge 20% of the proceeds from this project to these charitable organisations.
The Crazy Avocado Club Icon
Community | Crypto
A new NFT collection of 10000 unique avocados on the Ethereum blockchain. By mint an avocado= plant trees + donate to animal rescuing!
Cyber Truck Club Icon
Crypto | Community
We're big Cybertruck fans and even bigger fans of Elon himself... The Cybertruck Club is our first NFT collection of several Elon related, each of them getting bigger! With $100,000s worth of giveaways including a pre-ordered Cybertruck that's one of the first 10,000 to be manufactured, staking and competitions, what's not to love?
Coincade Icon
Crypto | Gaming
Welcome to the official Coincade Studios Discord Server. Coincade Studios is a blockchain gaming company with: -Cryptocurrencies that can be staked, farmed, and traded -Fun arcade games that can earn you cryptocurrency -NFTs with rewards that make them oh-so HODLable -Development of the ultimate gaming metaverse We are live on: Discord: Twitter: Instagram: About our NFTs "It's retro, bro!" #RetroRacersNFT A selection of 6969 unique Retro NFTs entitles you to be a part of the Coincade community which offers rewards like never before. For more details on rewards, our roadmap and the goals for our high utility NFTs follow us on Discord today!
Crypto Recruit Icon
Crypto | Business
Cryptorecruit is the world's first recruitment/talent agency specializing in recruiting exclusively within the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency space. Its founders have a combined total of 25 years recruitment experience. All of our consultants have an intimate knowledge of the Blockchain landscape and more importantly are heavily networked within the industry. With a team of global consultants we are uniquely positioned to source top talent for our clients and are passionate about the pivotal role we play in this ever evolving industry. Join our Discord server and be kept in the loop with all of our available jobs and meet like minded individuals. Get tips, tricks and advice to help you through the world of crypto and how to find employment.
Meta Estate Icon
Crypto | Social
A fresh discord server mainly focused on our new project called Meta Estate. Design your dream home in the Metaverse. Collect land, cars, house designs, and materials to create a perfect piece of real estate in the metaverse. Be one of the first to buy the property and enjoy renting out the houses and earning cash!
SolVillage Icon
Crypto | Technology
SolVillage is one of the first Augmented Reality collections on the Solana blockchain. Each NFT is a key to access Play To Earn games, as well as being part of a community that can share a common metaverse. These are the first steps of something giant!
Charlestown_CNFT Icon
Crypto | Gaming
Benefits of joining our server: -Early access to upcoming drops, auctions etc. in the metaverse -Take part in exclusive NFT giveaways -Participate in decision-making -Trade items in the #marketplace channel
N.E.O.M Icon
Crypto | Technology
As Neom Blockchain Technologies, we offer blockchain based solutions for Smart Cities of The New World about Fintech and Asset Transfer, Cyber Security, Supply Chain Management, Creating and Storing Valuable Documents, Internet of Things, Smart Insurance System and Public Benefit Projects Migrant construction workers transfer an average of $650 billion to their families and countries annually. They pay a remittance fee of approximately $25 billion for asset transfers annually. Neom Blockchain Technologies solves this problem instantly, quickly, and reliably with 0% commission. The biggest problem of migrant construction workers is transferring assets to their families and countries. With our blockchain-based technology, we are solving the biggest problem of migrant workers, who have to migrate all over the world under difficult conditions due difficult living conditions in their countries. We came together to solve the problems that arise from the changing conditions of the Global E
Reign of Terror Icon
Gaming | Crypto
Reign Of Terror Is A Cyberpunk Metaverse P2e Blockchain Game Created To Immerse Players In A Dreamlike Futuristic Metaverse While Weaving Graspable Decentralized Finance Mechanisms Get Lost Playing In A Jaw-dropping New Reality Where Missions Become Investment Bearing Activities
3MetaD Icon
Design | Gaming
Welcome to our Community Server for 3MetaD; we provide 3D content to the Meta Verse and NFT Space, along with Self-publishing